Malcolm Dandridge

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tiger Memory

1. What has been your favorite experienceas a Memphis Tiger?

Well, my experience I have a top experience. I would say the Bahamas in my freshman year in 2019 was one of thebest experiences because it was my first experience out of the country or technically in the country, but a six hour flight plus. It was pretty cool being in the Bahamas, on the island, you know, seeing the big hotels and being surrounded by water was a great experience with my teammates and that class. So, I would say that would be the best experience.


2. Name a player or coach that has had the greatest impact on you.

I have been playing for Penny since  high school. He left my senior year in high school to become the coach at Memphis so I was the first commit and committed so early because I already knew what type of coach he was and what type of program he wanted to bring so I was already locked in on college my senior year. His impact just as far as how he showed how he care for the city and care for his team. You know, in the program it rubbed off on me because I wanted to do the same things he'd do as far as giving back to my communities and the city and making this whole place a better place. So he definitely has a big impact on me.

Memphis Eats

3. What’s your favorite place to eat in Memphis?

Like my favorite, I got a couple Broadway pieces, a great spot to eat. I love my smackers, which is kindof new, probably as new is probably about seven years ago old now. But we were graced by Ciao Bella is a good restaurant, Italian. Slim and Husky’s is good, they have some great cinnamon rolls and pizzas. I like fast quick hitters likeRendezvous downtown, good for their barbecue nachos and their in the forum. StoneyRiver is good. I am a foodie so I love the restaurants but those are a couple of my favorites.


4. What does your Pre-game ritual looklike?

First, I go to go to the gym after classes if it's a game  day or school and we are do a quick walkthrough, we change and then go get ready at the forum. So I just have my music on and so for my teammates and  myself for the game we have that later that day and we go to the forum and do  a walk through to make sure we locked in there. We go to the hotel, get some good food, just listen to  music. I get to the gym probably 2 hours before the game. We start to go  change to a pregame warm up. Okay, so touch shots, make sure my shots are  falling before the game on those FedEx Forum rims. So great preparation.

role models

5. Is there an NBA player you like to model you game after?

So I think my favorite NBA player would probably be LeBron James. But I try to model myself after a couple of players, including LeBron, I watch Jokic, you know, Luka, I watch a  lot of great talent. I try to take pieces from everybody, you know, regards to be. It's just the talent, you know or be versatile.So I love just watching great people that are experts in the game and just taking away little bits and pieces from them. 

Top 3

6. What are your top three favorite  movies? 

This is a hard question, why would you make it this hard? One would definitely be Doctor  Strange, the new Multiverse of Madness. It was a great movie. Bullet Train is a great movie, one of my favorite movies right now just that they let me give you an older one I  just watched because I'm a marvel fanatic, so I love the superhero stuff, I don't have time for the real-world movies. My go to is always Captain America Winter Soldier, that's a great movie.

video games

7. do you play video games? what's your favorite game to play?

I play the X-Box and the PlayStation, so I play Call of Duty. I play a lot of fighting games. Mortal Kombat is probably my favorite game of all time, I am an expert at the MK, I love Mortal Kombat. Call of Duty is a great game. Fortnite is good.  You know the Batman game? Arkham Knight andArkham Asylum. All those great games.


8. What would an off day look like?

Well, my day off would probably definitely I would leave homework out of it because I'm going to chill. I  would go get some treatment or I'll visit a gym on my day off or at least an  hour go get a good workout, straight workout and get some conditioning. And  then I'm chilling. I'm watching movies, probably go to the Malco Theater and go watch me a good movie and give me some good food.Go to a great restaurant like some Smackers  or Broadway I'm just trying to enjoy my day.


9. Do you have any hobbies or interest outside of sports?

Outside of basketball? Let's see whatI have time for, entertaining myself is a hobby. So, you know, like going to the movies, seeing the movies around, going to eat places, trying new places to eat. That is a hobby of mine. So I just love having fun in my time off.


10. What was it like playing with high quality bigs like Precious, Wiseman and Duren?

It was fun you know, thank god I was used to it because of me and Wiseman's relationship and even me and  Chandler's freshmen year, because you know me Chandler And so when it came is right that's pretty first. And threes and you know that was fun. We were  already preparing each other just to play. So we're so used to playing with  great people and just talented people.So I guess that's the blessing of, you know, being able to help somebody else bring to our level and get better,  make each other better is the most fun part of the of the whole thing. And you know Jalen and James everybody’s there very talented. It was fun learning  different things, teaching different things to and playing beside him out there.

time to shine

11. How does it feel knowing this is your year to shine?

Oh, I feel like the pressure isn't there because I've been preparing all this time and, you know, going through  the ugly parts, even though it's been, kind of broadcasted in a way where, the  world kind of knows the things I'm going through. So it is a hit but at the  same time, that's a blessing, it's a blessing and a curse because like you  said, now everybody is kind of realizing, okay, this is Malcolm's year.So I mean, that's a good thing. So  I always try to stay on the positive aspects of the things and make sure I'm  ready to do my part when my name is called. And I think my name is being called  now. So I’m ready to prepare. I’m ready to show out.


12. Can you talk about the relationship you have with the fans, and why that has always been important for you?

I just feel like that’s most  important, I just understand, it's a  lot going on and I've been on both sides of it. Before I got to college and  see people I looked up to, including Penny. And that's where Penny is very  important because I've watched Hall of Famer, NBA all-star, just go to his  personal relationship level with strangers you don't even know, just being  such a great and nice person. And I feel like that's the right route. That's typical. So I always try to base myself based off, you know, what's the right thing to do, I never make it about me. So if people is just  showing appreciation at the end of day. I just want to make sure I'm here and  I feel like building a relationship with the people that's happy to see you  play, or doing something that they can’t necessarily do and they look up to you. I feel like the best thing is  always gain or build a relationship with them because that's pure. That's the  type of person I am personally. I always want to be able to relate to  somebody of some type of way I show them the things I could be doing, or I  can maybe if I am the person to show them, you know, I want to make sure to I  am communicating with them as best I can.So I try to build those  relationships and bonds with people because that makes me feel good as well.

Memphis for life

13. Do you want to stay connected to Memphis after the time and relationships you have built here?

I pray so, because that's the whole  goal at the end of the day is, I won't say useless relationships, but to make sure that the people see that no matter what level you are on, you still have  that bond with them and the bond is important to you. So I want to make sure  that people know that the bond with our game with people throughout the years, it's still just important.When I have work on all places  because the goal is to hopefully play for the city, for the Grizzlies, so that I can still be local and see my teams. Teams go back to see, you know,  parents, children that are playing in high schools that I know. So that's my  whole dream. And hopefully that comes true. It so I can, keep my word and  keep my behind with these important people.