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901 Fund is led by Tigers On A Mission to drive awareness of local charities and deepen the connection between Memphis and the student-athletes who represent us.

Partner with 901 fund

Become a partner Charity

1. Collaborate

Work with 901 Fund to establish campaigns and initiatives that align with the mission of your organization

2. Document

Execute an agreement documenting terms of the NIL deal and complete the proposed opportunity form

3. Promote

Further promotion of the student-athlete's involvement is up to the discretion of the charitable organization but must remain within the guidelines of the NIL deal agreement

1. Influencer Access

901 Fund will share the partner charity campaign initiative with our student-athletes and engage them to promote the charity cause

2. Campaign Planning

With the help of our partner organizations, 901 Fund will help establish a plan to support any campaign that is within the bounds of the NIL agreement

3. Deal Management

901 Fund will not only create and distribute NIL Deals but will also track completion and manage payment to the student-athletes via the Opendorse portal




Fans, alumni, and businesses make donations to the 901 Fund


901 Fund creates  initiative with Partner Charity establishing an NIL Deal


901 Fund posts NIL Deal  for the benefit of Partner Charity on


Student-athletes accept the terms and execute deal agreements in

Complete Deal

Student-athlete completes obligations of deal and submits proof on


Opendorse releases funds to the student-athlete and reports the transaction for compliance


Frequently Asked

What is an NIL Activity?

NIL stands for “Name, Image, and Likeness.” An NIL activity involves the use of a student-athlete’s name, image, or likeness for promotional purposes by a third-party not associated with U of M.

  • Social media influencing and other promotions
  • Personal appearances at businesses, conferences, camps, parties
  • TV ads, radio ads, print ads
  • Endorsements of a third-party
  • Student-athlete-run camps and private lessons
  • Autographs
  • Sale of student-athlete owned apparel and personal items
  • Student-athlete run businesses
Who can partner with University of Memphis student-athletes on NIL?

Local and national companies, U of M donors, U of M alumni, and former student-athletes may compensate and partner with U of M student-athletes for NIL activities. U of M staff members may not compensate student-athletes for NIL activities.

What are the NCAA Rules regarding NIL?

Generally, all NIL activities are permitted, so long as they follow these 4 guidelines:

  • The NIL agreement is quid pro quo (e.g., compensation for work performed)
  • The NIL compensation is not contingent upon enrollment at a particular school
  • The compensation is not based on athletic participation or achievement
  • Institutions do not provide compensation in exchange for the use of a student-athlete’s NIL

NCAA rules also require student-athletes to follow their state law or institutional policy if there is no existing state law governing NIL activities.

Can a student-athlete participate in an NIL activity during a practice or competition?

Student-athletes may engage at NIL activities at any time except while participating in required team-related activities, ICA-related activities, and U of M functions.

How and through what entities will the payments be made to the players?

Opendorse is an online platform that will connect 901 Fund and student-athletes, provide compliance reporting to the U of M and NCAA, and forward funds to student-athletes after they have completed their NIL obligation.

How much of the money raised by 901 Fund will go to University of Memphis student-athletes?

It is intended that 85% of all collected funds would be paid out to student-athletes.  The remaining funds will be used to cover fundraising expenses, Opendorse platform fees, and various administrative expenses.  

How will the 901 NIL Fund be governed and administered?
  • There will be a Board of Trustees; its purpose will be to organize the entity, raise the funds, and review and ratify annual audits.
  • The Board of Trustees has engaged Centerline Business Services to administer the Opendorse account, manage the accounting for the fund, support the annual audit, coordinate with partner charities, as well as manage public relations.
  • All services provided by Centerline will be in the form of an in-kind donation to 901 Fund. The Trustees will not be paid by the Fund for ANY purpose in furtherance of the NIL activities.
What services will the players render to earn the payouts?

The players will perform a variety of services including, but not limited to: in-person appearances, autographing memorabilia, and posting on social media.  The players’ NIL rights cannot compete with any U of M interests.

Is 901 Fund affiliated with the University of Memphis or Tiger Scholarship Fund?

No, 901 Fund is a stand-alone organization. It is independent of the University of Memphis and the Tiger Scholarship Fund; however, we are the official NIL collaboration and have a similar objective of serving University of Memphis student-athletes.

Are 901 Fund NIL agreements exclusive?

No, our agreements are intentionally non-exclusive to enable student-athletes to continue to build their brand with opportunities outside the 901 Fund.

How can University of Memphis supporters get involved with 901 Fund?

We are building a program to allow individuals and businesses to contribute to the 901 Fund to support the funding of non-exclusive NIL deals with U of M student-athletes.

Are donations to 901 Fund tax deductible?

No, contributions to 901 Fund are not tax deductible.

What if I want to engage a University of Memphis student-athlete?

Visit for more information on NIL policies and how to engage student-athletes directly.

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