Greg Rubin

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memphis is home

1. You had a lot of options, what made you stay home to play for Memphis?

It was home, I really knew what Memphis offered and what they had for me from other schools. I didn't really get to see because of COVID. I didn't get to really see what, what they were offering, what they had in planned for me or anything like that. I sat down and talked with the coaches at Memphis. I was already here, so I got nowhere else to go. So I talked to them, they showed so much love and just, and it was Memphis, I’ve been here all my life, I love Memphis, so it was really, it really was an easy decision for me.

Role Model

2. If you were to model your game after someone in the NFL, who would it be?

I would say probably more Jaire Alexander type style, twitchy, physical, you know, one of those guys, they play, and do it all. Really versatile but yeah I think Jaire Alexander kind of try to model my game after a little bit. Really all of them, try to mix in all of them So really all of 'em. Try to mix in all like some of Jalen Ramsey too.


3. What player or coach has made a big Impact on you so far in your career?

Probably my pop though. Yeah. My pop had my back. He like kind of crazy but inspired me though , just everything he does, just the way he goes about everything. He sacrificed so much for me and my brother and sister, so I just look up to him.


4. Where is your favorite place to eat?

What restaurant? Fast food.Anything, I like wings, I like to eat wings, Crumpy’s and Ching’s let me see what else. There's a lot of spots. I like honey gold. We got some good food.Nobody say we got we got the best food.


5.  Do you have a pre-game ritual?

It really isn’t anything too crazy,I have my headphones in, I'll pray. I pray before the game, like, like three hours, I pray. I pray like five times in between that, before we get dressed and I pray before I put my suit on, I call my granddad and he’ll pray to me.Then as we are on the bus, I pray then I put on my tunes, I have my tunes it is essential, my game day playlist. Then we get in the locker room, the DBS go out, we get dressed, the DBS go out. We do our little pregame walk around the field. Then we come back in, pray again, pray a lot. I pray a lot before the games. I eat fruits on game day. I just eat fruit, but if I am real hungry I will eat a PB & J.

FAvorite Player

6. What is your favorite NBA team or player?

I going to get clowned for this but my team is OKC. Westbrook is my favorite player, and everyone is clowning him right now. I like how he plays with intensity, and we are rebuilding right now, in our rebuilding stage we are going to be fine, I am going to stick with it regardless. Westbrook is going to get a ring. I really am not a laker fan right now because they aren’t doing so well right now. I am definitely a grizz though I am going to rep behind them anyway, I am always going to rep the hometown.


7. Do you play video games? What is your favorite game?

I am on Warzone a lot right now, Call of Duty. I don’t have that much time to play but when I have free time I get on.

personal day

8. What does an off day look like for you?

I'm gonna try to go home. I'm gonna try to go home to see my dogs. Get on some of the war zone, on some of that, get some video games in and watch some film. Should I go treat myself, go get some eat. So really just my day out just to get away from football a little bit. And, I don't do too much, I don't do too much. I'm really a homebody.


9. Do you have any hobbies outside of football?

Fishing. I love fishing. I like some fishing. Yeah. Fishing and probably mud riding. City boy and a little bit of country too. That’s my granddad's spot he gonna be mad for real. I can't just get that up.


10. How would you grade the Memphis Tiger defense this year?

True honest grade, I would give like a b plus. I feel like we had our moments over where we know, but then we had our moments where we are like the best defense in the nation. Then we had them times when we just have our miscommunications. But I think overall we've been having a good year.


11. How hard was it not being able to play your senior year while being a high recruit?

It was real hard. Like I don't, I honestly think I had went to like a little depression over it. Because I wanted to play bad like I was gonna go out of state to go play football at one point. But really my paw made me, he was like, man, we aren’t gonna risk it or anything. That's something I probably, I wish I could have back my senior year be able to play my senior year with my one last year, my brother in high school.


12. What was the adjustment like not playing your senior year and then playing a lot coming to Memphis?

Spring, I came early, so that helped a lot for during the season, but when I first got here it was, you know, I was well rested, you know, off to kind of a slow start. I was always in working on my crowd watching film, working with the older guys like Jacob Francis and all them guys from Quindell Johnson, just working with them guys and really just sharpening my toolbox and by the time it was camp, I was in rotation with the ones and tools and I really didn't expect me to start anything. I just wanted to be on the field. I could care less about starting or anything then but, and they threw me out there. I just really, at that point, once they threw me out there, it was like, just play football.


13. How challenging is it to play corner in the ACC conference?

It's real tough for anybody really for showing this like you said in this conference, you know you got so many schemes they spread, they throw the ball and you know, so many playmakers, any given Saturday, you gotta come ready, any given Saturday, you gotta come ready cause they gonna come at you regardless of who you are. I love that challenge, that competition, just being out there and being able to compete every, every dime.


14. Who is the fastest defensive back on the team?

Sylvonta Oliver, DK is fast too, it’s in between them.


15. What advice would you give a local football player in regards to staying in Memphis?

One thing is, don't be afraid to stay at home. Your hometown, they love you, but about the pressure, don't really let that get you down anything. Don't worry about that. Just have fun, like, like little league, like when you playing, when you are little just have fun. Don't worry about what everybody else have to say. I think just be you and just have fun. That I look at, I try to have fun and don’t worry about what everybody else gotta say.


16. Do you miss playing receiver at all?

Nah, not really. I ain't going to say I miss it. More so I had them times where I like I would've caught that. No, but it was fun though in high school. It was fun to play both sides of the ball, but not at this level playing both sides of the ball, you're gonna be dog tired.

Favorite Tiger Memory

17. What has been your favorite moment with Memphis Football so far?

This year I'd probably say Temple game though. just all based off how I perform that game. It was crazy, we should have never given up the three point, we really did not give up, but we should never still have a goose egg, but I'd probably say this year the Temple game. Just the energy and how we were clicking.


18. What is it like playing with a guy like Quindell Johnson?

I don't even know how to say it. He's like a sensei. He knows everything like in a good way to describe it. He knows everything, he knows what people going to do before anybody else know. Him and Xavier Cullens, they are captains of the defense, they tell us where to be, who to be, what's gonna come. He is the type of guy, like you go in the building, you'll see him. He is already in there watching film like 20 minutes before everybody in there. That's always been him since I came day one. Always been like that. So yeah, it's like guys like him. You look up to, you admire. Cause there’s not too many of them, not too many like this.


19. Are there any receivers you really like going up against?

I don't really just, you know, I ain't going to mark on, you know, there's a couple, couple cats out there. I ain't going to say no but there's a couple cats out there. They know, They know when they see me though. They know when they see me.