Jonah Gambill

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Transition to Memphis

1. How was your transition from Cartersville to Memphis?

So I came in January of 2020, and I was here for about probably two months then COVID hit. So, then I went back home for, I don't know, a few months, which really sucked because I had just got into college. But, it was overall good. My first season I was out for a good bit because of COVID and a concussion, so that wasn't the best of times, but then once I pulled myself together at the end of the season and we went to the Montgomery bowl. That's when I really knew that I kind of wanted to live in Memphis.

Choosing Memphis

2. Why did you choose Memphis?

Coach Silverfield. He was the O-line coach at the time, and he was really the only college coach. He texted me, called me every single day, and then I also realized, I liked a lot of people on the team. When I came on my official visit, I knew that I blend well with the offensive lineman and a whole bunch of funny people in the O-line room. So, I knew that I'd like 'em and then another thing that was important was for me to play early. So, after my true freshman year, I was out basically the whole season, but then last year, my redshirt freshman year, I ended up starting as left tackle. It worked out pretty well for playing early.

Favorite Spot

3. Where is your favorite place to eat in Memphis?

Well, it used to be LBOE the burger place, but then they shut it down. So, I mean, I can't even go there anymore, but I like Soul Fish a lot, I like their Cuban sandwich.

Coach Speak

4. Which coach gives the best speech?

Recently we got an offensive lineman from the giants, his name's Coach Diehl. He played 12 or 14 years with the Giants and won two super bowls. And then he was up there for a few years, so he was with the Giants organization for 21 years. And he came in recently and he'll talk to us before practice or something. He'll get everybody going, just because he's been there, done that. And he has an exciting attitude about it. And basically, just you're ready to attack the work anytime that he gives you a nice speech.

Who to watch

5. Who are you most excited to see develop this year?

Makylan Pounders, right now he's rolling with the ones on offensive line. We got him from Ole Miss, Mississippi state. He was committed to Mississippi State for a few years and almost went to Ole miss, but somehow ended up here. Glad he's here but if he keeps working the way he is right now, I think he'll get a lot of attention this year. He's probably six and a half, filled out just an absolute monster.

Class clown

6. Who is the funniest player on the team?

Probably Tay Kimbrough. He is from Memphis so he's just got the Memphis accent. He's always wrestling somebody and on somebody's head and he keeps the whole locker room laughing every single day he's in there. He's probably the funniest person and Matt Dale, him and Tay are the funniest people I have probably ever met in my life. Matt Dale has everybody laughing 24/7.

Future plans

7. What do you want to do after college?

Obviously NFL's the first choice, because I mean if I've been doing all this work this long, I really want to get some good money for playing ball and so NFL's first option, but obviously I got to keep it a perspective. So, if that doesn't work out, I'm about to be done with my sports and leisure management degree. But I think I'm going to get a second degree in communications because recently I've been thinking about maybe going on TV, sports, media, something like that.


8. Walk us through an average day for you during the regular season.

Okay. So during the season, let's see. So, we play Saturday, then on Sunday we have like a little practice and everybody that doesn't play in the game, we have a little scrimmage after practice on Sunday. Mondays our day off then Tuesday and Wednesday are the real hard workdays. So, I wake up about probably 6:30-7 and I'll get up there. I think meetings start about 7:45 to 8:00. So, we'll have meetings for about an hour. Then we'll go out to practice for about two hours. Come in, and eat lunch. We'll go get treatment then I'll go do class work, go to study hall. I'll come back and probably get more treatment. Maybe watch some more film with my O-line coach, Coach Bridge. You know, that's probably every day, wake up, do the same thing, and try to go win every week.


9. What kind of music helps you get hyped before a game?

Probably like some Money bag, Lil baby, Boosie will get you hype for anything.  Then really my own head before games, I just log in, we'll go out for warmups, I'll come back in, I'll put a towel over my head, and I'll walk around and I'll just think about all the reasons why I'm doing it and kind of just get myself hype. If you saw me before a game. you wouldn't know who I was because I look crazy.


10. Who is your favorite NFL player or team?

I grew up liking the Falcons, which is a rough one.  Just cause I'm from around Atlanta, my dad he's die-hard Falcons fan, no matter what. And then, you know, I thought I had me a super bowl in there, but so close. Yeah. Tom (Brady) snatched that away real quick. But Falcons, I grew up liking in the Falcons, grew up liking the bulldogs.  Bulldogs pulled one through so that was okay. And the Braves so that was two in one year for me. So, that was awesome. A player I really look up to, I played with Trevor Lawrence, obviously, he got drafted the first pick, so he's down in Jacksonville and trying to get the team turned around and trying to ball out this year, have a lot better year this year than he did last year. So, I look up to him a lot.


11. What are your top 3 movies?

I love Saving Private Ryan. This is a really hard question. I still do like it. I really liked Red Dawn. Red Dawn's (original)an awesome movie. I like that movie. I'm trying to think of one more. I can't remember the last one, but Breaking Bad is my all-time favorite show, so, two movies and a show. I'll give you that.  


12. Do you see yourself staying in Memphis after college?

Probably. I mean, it all depends. If I get drafted, obviously I'll go somewhere else. I mean, if a job opportunity is here, I've been here. I've got a lot of friends here, basically my family I'm with them every day. So, if an opportunity good enough presents itself to stay in Memphis, I definitely stay in Memphis.


13. Will you do your favorite Coach Bridge impression?


Let's see. All right, I got one. We were in O line and we're talking, we were just talking about screens, and you got to go flat until you get in the dude's cylinder. So, I go flat until I get right in front of you and then I can turn up. His favorite thing to do is just we're trained seals men, straight down the line, like a seal, (impression of seal barking) he'll just start going crazy. He's like, here's your fish. And then if you, if you mess it up, he'll just get in your face and just, (Seal Noises) just about a trained seal going straight down the line. So that's one of my favorite things that he does a lot.