Davion Ross

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1. Why Memphis?

Well, (Memphis) wanted me to (transfer) after our season ended but I told them I was not going to go. After the spring ended, I had a couple of friends that (went to Memphis) already and they were talking to some coaches about them seeing my film.


2. What made you switch from Receiver to Defensive Back?

Actually, I didn’t want to switch at first, I got a call from my head coach to come to the office and asked me, “How does it sound to switch to DB? ”. It caught me off guard for a minute and I took some time to think about it, then I told him I did not want to. He said we were short on DBs because a lot of them were hurt. From my high school film he saw that I played DB before.

Favorite player

3. Whose your favorite NBA team or players right now?

I guess I would say my favorite player is Stephen Curry, because if I had to play basketball I would want to shoot like Stephen Curry.

top 3

4. What are your three favorite movies?

I would probably say the movie ATL and the two of the Friday movies, I like to laugh a lot and those movies make me laugh.


5. Have you built a relationship with your coordinator on the team?

It has been pretty good so far with Coach Barnes, I don’t know when he is serious or playing sometimes so whenever I see him I try to be serious. I like Coach Barnes, he is a pretty cool coach.


6. What would you tell Tiger fans about the rest ofthe season?

I would say, stay tuned, stay tuned.

Tiger Fans

7.  What do Tiger fans need to know about you?

One thing about me is that I am hard workers, no matter the circumstances, I am going to work hard.