March 29, 2023

Pledge Per Campaigns Launched for Baseball and Softball

Pledge Per Campaigns Launched for Baseball and Softball

After the success of our March Madness Pledge Per Campaign, 901 Fund is excited to create a similar donation functionality to support baseball and softball.

Fans can now donate to either team based on when they strike out opponents, hit a home run, or win their games!

When a trigger is activated, a pre-determined amount of money will be added to the donors tally. The Monday after each game, pledgers will be charged if the game total reached the $30 threshold. If less than the threshold has been triggered, a donation will not be taken until whenever that threshold is met or at the end of the season run if $30 is never reached.

Signing up is easy and there are a variety of pledge levels available, starting as low as 25 cents per strike out made and $2 per win.

Money raised will be donated to the team fund chosen during subscription and support NIL efforts for student-athletes on that team – they cannot be directed to a specific player. These funds will help student-athletes as they promote local charities and build connections within the Memphis community.

Make your pledge today!