Keonté Kennedy

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1. How has your transition to memphis been so far?

It’s been well, it's actually very welcoming and they've taken care of me when I needed stuff. So my stay has been pleasant.


2. are you getting to know the fans here in memphis?

Absolutely, this city is a basketball city for sure and the fans they recognize us pretty much anywhere we go. I've been following a couple of fans, so it's been fun out here.


3. who has had the biggest impact on your career so far?

I mean, there's a lot of people I can name but obviously my dad, anybody who knows me, knows my dad is my biggest influence and he's been there with my sports since day one recruitment and always had my back. So, it's been a long journey, it's been a hard journey, I know he's been there with me every step of the way.

memphis eats

4. what's your favorite place to eat in memphis?

I am going to have to go with, my favorite brunch spot, SALT they have a really nice environment on Sundays. You got the NFL games on the big screen and really good food, I love their red velvet chicken and waffles. And then when I think of a low key spot, a wings spot, it’s called Stack Wings, it’s off Winchester. I get the cajun lemon pepper, I never had it before but that’s all I get now.


5.  what does your pre-game ritual look like?

There's a few songs or artists I listen to before you're not mainstream artists that get me going. One of them his name is J Mill and he's up and coming, an artist from Austin, Texas. He gets me in the right mental headspace to go into the game.

FAvorite Player

6. who is your favorite player in the nba?

Definitely my favorite player is Kevin Durant. He's a 7-foot guard, he can do anything on the court. Someone I kind of model my game after, is Bradley Bill, he was one of my favorite players growing up, he went to Florida, one of my favorite schools at the time. Just watching his game, 6’4” or 6’5” plays on both ends and can score, plays a smooth game.

video games

7. do you play video games? what's your favorite game to play?

Definitely 2K. Then Call of Duty, I'm a big Call of Duty guy. I'm not really the biggest fan at the Modern Warfare right now, but is growing on me a little bit, it’s been fun.

top 3

8. What are your top three movies?

Oh, shoot. I mean, my first one for sure is Life, featuring Eddie Murphy and Martin Lawrence. That's one of my favorite is a classic you that put me on since day one. Then I have to go with Friday. Another classic, you know got to go to Friday. This third one, I am a movie person I have to put a sports movie in there so I am going to go with Love & Basketball.


9. What would an off-day look like?

Rest, eat, workout, treatment, massage, video games. All of that stuff done early so the rest of the day is for video games.


10. do you have any hobbies outside basketball?

Like I said video games. I'm really like into like fashion and stuff like that. So shopping and just really just exploring, browsing through clothes and shoes. In my collection, its kind of deep but I am going to have to say the Dior Low 1’s. I am going to have to say the one shoe Jayden Hardaway does not have so I’m up one. So we had a press conference after one at the games, KD and I. I'm number one because he does not count because he is Jayden Hardaway I think he’s out.

season expectations

11. We have seen some exciting games, what would you tell tiger fans to expect for the rest of the season?

For us to keep getting better. We haven't played our best basketball yet. Haven’t you been close to on the either side of the ball, even seeing much more better than our offense is, so it's going to continue improving. Yeah, it’s still early and the way we were playing, we're not happy with it. And I mean, we're on a seven-game win streak so I want to see a even longer win streak.


12. how did your high school career shape you?

Yeah it actually helped me a lot at an early age. I learned to play with a lot of great guys so coming into going into college and going pro, it was less ego. I knew they were great players and great athletes. So I think that's what really helped me give me an edge so where I've been able to work with people just as good or better as me.


13. what was the process like transferring to multiple schools before memphis?

I wanted to get out of that cold weather, and at the time, Revontae was the coach, my high school coach, so the easy transition and I actually knew quite a few the players from there my class and they're from Texas.


14. what's the secret behind your productivity?

I've always felt when I was younger I was a shooter. My dad always told me well, if your shot's not falling, what else are you going to be able to do, how are you going to stay on the court. And so that's when I knew I had to be able to defend and be a big guy that rebounds. So like at UTEP my two years playing, I was the lead rebounder and we had some pretty big guys and some pros on that team. So, I always had to find a niche for it and I always have it if it’s an off night there are things I can do on the court to help my team win. I am all about winning.


15. something tiger fans don't know about you is how flexible you are on the court

Yeah I played that one through the four. And I mean, you know, some games I have to. And there was a times where I was the tallest on the court so was playing the four and we had Jayden at the five so I am versatile playing multiple positions and I want my job done at a high level.


16. Why memphis?

Just the opportunity and the stage here to do something great. This is a really good team, probably one of the best thingsI've been a part of, and something that is very special because I think just making the run, I think that we can make and the bang we can make, made me really motivated me to come here.

talent runs in the family

17. anything else you would like tiger fans to know?

She's a forward right now. She's working inside and outside the post. She has a nice touch and athletic. You know she actually surprised me. She's pretty new to basketball. Yeah, she has a pretty good feel and she's just trying to understand the game. Yeah, she loves it.