Cam'Ron Jackson

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1. You were initially going to LSU. What made you decide to come to Memphis?

So Coach Pope and Coach Silverfield, he, they had called me like literally a few days before signing day. Because I, I was off about Alabama at first, that where Coach Pope was at at first, and I got a call that the was here. So I was like, okay. When they called me, they said we want you to come to Memphis, see how it is. I sat down and talked to my mom cause my plan was to go to LSU. Like I knew, I just knew I was going to Baton Rouge. And then after that, after sitting down talking with my parents and stuff, I was like, you know what? I might go to Memphis and see how it is. Cause, you know, being born and raised in Louisiana, you want to get out of Louisiana, right to experienced more stuff. So, after that I had decommitted from LSU came to Memphis. I've been enjoying it up here.

Role Model

2. What player or coach has made a big impact on you so far in your career?

Morris Joseph, he was a big impact on me when I came in, he taught me a lot of stuff when I first came in. Him, and Jaylon Allen, Tyler Murray, and Zay Cullens, I am still learning from them a lot so they have a big impact on me too.

top 3

3. What are you top three movies?

The new Spiderman that came out not too long ago. Spiderman, far from home. I like Men in Black. Probably Man of Steel man, I like it.


4. Tell me about the friendship between you and Quindell Johnson?

Quindell, he like a big brother to me, so I mean, anything he tells me, like I try to listen and just go with it. Cause I know this is his last year. So, when we are on the field, we communicate with each other. Like just talk and try to be on the same page. And even like off the field, it's the same thing. I guess with us both being from Louisiana, it's like a Louisiana thing, so it's been, it's been pretty good.

back to memphis

5. What made you come back after the transfer portal and play for the Tigers?

I couldn't leave my teammates. Then I was going through something at that moment, so yeah, sure. I was like, at first I was like, oh yeah, like I'm hit the portal, go somewhere else, see how it worked. And then like you had like Jaylon Allen, they were calling, checking up on me and Quindell. Then they was calling, checking up on me, and when, when I had finally realized like, well, you know, I'm going stick it out, finish it out with, with them, and it been going good ever since.


6. Do you play video game? What is your favorite game?

Madden. (Who is the best Madden player on the team?) Me and William Whitlow and Cameron Blaylock.


7. Do you have a pre-game ritual?

I like to listen to music before I go out. I listen to music, really just be vibing and getting my mind right.

favorite team

8. Do you have a favorite NBA team or player?

I like Memphis, Ja Morant is my favorite.


9. What is it like to play defense in the AAC?

It’s fun playing d-line in this conference. Cause you really get to go against a lot of good opponents. I went against a lot of good centers this year and after the game, like they tell you like, bro, like, just keep doing you, like you're a good player. I be appreciating it, so it is fun playing d-line.

favorite tiger memory

10. What has been your favorite moment at your time with Memphis so far?

I think my favorite moment was when we played Arkansas State this year and the crowd got loud and when they had fumbled and we recovered it and we was just celebrating with the fans, like they was probably the best moment here. Like it felt so good.


11. Do you remember blocking the field goal against UCF last year?

I honestly didn't know I had blocked it. Like all I know is my hand went up and the ball just went flying, and I went to the sideline. Coach was like, you block the kick, you block the kick. I'm like, I don't know, I guess. And then they were like, yeah, you blocked the kick. And I was, I was excited. And then, um, they took the ball down there to try to kick another one, and we got back there and they had missed it and we won.


12.  How would you grade the Memphis Tiger Defense this year?

If I had to grade it I would give it a B. The reason I say that is because y'all can see when we played Tulane, we kind of started off slowly but second half we came the guy and picked it up. I feel like for this season going on, I feel like y'all can see a lot from the defense.


13. Who is the hardest offensive line to go up against?

I would say Navy, they cut a lot, they like to cut a lot so they were the hardest.